Crossing over – sounds from the other side


In a parallel world, beyond the static haze of yesterdays, slightly distorted in the spaces between shadows is the unforgotten.It’s the distinctive 80’s twang that slithers throughout the album.

This album has a pulse of it’s very own: Hard rock, Super Mario sound-a-like theme tunes, new wave and electro ripcords put him in the familiar unknown.

If you’re tired of overplayed reruns and looking for something different – this is it.
He’s definitely the kinda artist that’s up for actual music making.
The very fact that this album wasn’t even planned to happen is the proof of that.

He’s orchestrating something pretty fresh, borderline, fun, and deeper than you would have guessed.It’s a kaleidoscopic enigma. He calls it noise. Take the trip and decide for yourself.

Check your preconceptions at the door and let your body tell you what it thinks of this sounds.
Let it be what it is.

My personal favs are: “Triumph and Sin”, “Paper Hearts / Paper Friends”, “Everyone plays to win”

Check out the latest album from Ian Marquis. It’s the forth to be exact. (in case you like counting)

Also check out the behind the scenes action on
and previous musical adventures on



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