Living your prime potential – Oktayne’s latest album

Tuning into California timezone, I found myself chatting to Oktayne about life , potential and what it means to make music.

“My name came about when I was looking for something explosive or flammable. I came to the realization that gas is flammable. So me and my homie Kevin aka Da-1 came up with Oktayne. There is a term going around the industry defined as gas and where I am from originated. Gas means a rapper can murder or dominate a beat. ” He says.

Oktayne (aka Albert Devon Tatmon) is a Bay Area rapper whose music embodies his influences. His rhymes shine with Nas’ wit, lyrics and delivery are Ludacris-aggressive, and an onstage presence is reminiscent of KRS One.

Oktayne cut his lyrical chops long ago performing spoken word but music pulled him into Hip-Hop. To date, he has released 2 albums: 2008’s Self-Explanations and Feature Presentation in 2012. The single “Mindgames” was released in 2011. His mixtapes include Self-Explanatory Vol. 1 (’09) and Tell ‘Em I’m On 1 & Tell ‘Em I’m On 2, both released in 2010.

This year finds Oktayne hard at work with producer Chief and a crew of singers, rappers, and a poet on his upcoming album, Prime Potential.

For an independent artist, Oktayne has earned a large following numbering in the thousands. His videos for “Red Carpet Lady” and “Positive High” have racked up more than 25,000 views! With an army of followers on each of his social media sites. Now Oktayne has a project coming out called Prime Potential.

BUT back in 2012 (when the world was set to end) things took a turn in this guys life. He was ready to call it a day, to give in, to turn his back and walk away. The industry can be kind, it can make you up or spit you out. The gas had fizzled and he was on the outs. Then something happened. Peeps rocked up, the kinds of peeps he’d been hunting for… and they were not going to let him go.

So he picked himself up … jammed a little … found himself and wrote 4 songs. ” This wasn’t supposed to be an Album” . Clearly, his peeps had other plans!

There’s nothing sexier than hip hop fusions. Especially when you’re dropping the  right beats over something as smooth as piano cords. It chances the dynamics, and  brinks sexyback to the vocals. It was a fleeting part of the dream… the sweetest part … and then we wake up into the rest of the album.

“I came to realize that I could do anything.” He admits proudly. ” I love to push it, move a little further than I am. So I did. I don’t want to be just another local musician. There’s a bigger world out there. California, New York City, Arizona, Russia. There’s a world out there.” Sounds to me like his setting his intentions to take it on. With a little love of course from his fans. 

That’s where the beats picks it up and actually hold the track. It’s groveable,  danceable, and oh no snoreable. It catches your ear and gets you listening.And  in a world of so much sound, and so much noise, it’s notable. Why, it works and  our guy is starting to have some fun. You can hear the laugh in his voice.

The album peaks with maturity with a track called “I feel good” and it’s good. If you fast forward the convo intro on track 6, you feel it too.Reminiscing that tail end of track one. It props the sound in a whole other vibe.

From here on out, personally, its a better deal for me.

Then it hits the club groove. Slow, smooth, but another sound. I guess he’s exploring his potential and stepping into different streaks of his voice … without dropping his identity. Liking the chorus on track 8 especially.

Tracks to listen out for : Old Skoolness Vibrations of Track 9 deserve a replay.

There are a lot of sounds on this album. Popness prepsome rockabilly track 11. Hip Hop scatters, and then something else. “There are a lot of people out there. A lot of musicians. I just want people to  know that there is real musical talent out there. Real Musicality. That’s all”

It’s heading your way soon … let’s see where it goes.

Prime Potential cover art
Drops March 2014.

Hook up with him of Facebook. Right Here. 

Parting words. His looking to up his potential. So here goes: “Bun B man, I looked up to you as an artist that stays himself, and would love it if one day we had a record together. You are a legend man, and that’s much more than an underground king, UGK 4 life”


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