an untitled musing

I’m sure you heard this before (from other people) but after watching Avatar I feel compelled to write this. This isn’t my usual kinda post either. So here goes….

Hollywood puts out these kinds of movies or wars in distant lands … in times and shapes that are foreign to us. It’s done under the guise of entertainment ( and there’s some sort of so called order to it). However as I watched it I felt ashamed and deeply saddened. This isn’t some far of story. It’s happening to us today.

There are those of us doing whatever it takes to make a quick buck or billion. No price is to high, and it’s all swept under being “good business”.

There are eco-maniacs with a chip on their shoulder going in guns blazing just to hoo-ha some trivial power trip.

There are those that think they’re just protecting their way of life but in actual fact they’re killing the very source that saves us.

Then there are the few awakened souls who see what’s really there to see. Some are radical and even live in trees.

Here I am feeling ashamed to be a human, preserving life as I know it, being part of the collective that still kills it. Not directly. I’m no trooper. But in the actions I choose not to do. Just like you.

We are at war with ourselves … and our own way of lives …. to make someone happy for a little while. 

Ponder on that last line.

We are at war each time we pick up an expectation, tell a lie, drop a boundary, say yes instead of no, lose faith in ourselves,  kill our planet, and so on and so forth





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