An enigmatic Poptronica Fantasy | Album review

Poptronica_Fantasy_artworkTime to slip into something different….

…. something pretty.

If you’re a fan of fresh, lounge fused sounds fused with electrontica and 80’s influences, and the lingering sensation of Euro-couture then you found your next download.

“Poptronica Fantasy”, an emotional pop-electronic fantasy built around 14 tracks. The sound has also acquired a fresh new take on pop music, with 80’s analogic sounds, and including also sounds of world-music (which If you haven’t guessed I love).

Listen in, as you daytrip from NYC, to Japan (and an orbit in space while you’re at it).

It’s the kind of music that breathes, and it’s not to over-the-top commercialism, means it’s got that certain ….’je ne sais quoi‘. Everytime I get my pulse on it, it’s somewhere else all together (without compromising itself). It’s kinda like an art-house-movie splashed together from a series of short films… unique, blended, and different. It’s the kind of album that fills a lot of dimensions, so reserve judgement song-by-song.

It’s the kind of thing that could easily make a Putamayo compilation, that I can say for sure. (with influences of Enigma)

First time likeables include

Butterflies in My Head (feat. Lea Milh)

A New Life

Pink Forest (very spiritual)

Asleep in A Subdued Heart (feat. Audrey H.)

and then there’s this …. (remind you of anyone?)

The album is available for sale directly off the website. Get yours.




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