Repeater via Catalina Shortwave on replay

sb_PICThe minute you press play you find yourself in a familiar space, listening to familiar tracks that you forgot once upon a time. Well that’s my experience of it anyways. It’s also maddening to think that this is a debut album! But, this familiar feeling without being a carbon copy cover band is actually a pretty decent compliment in my books….

Infused with the blend of Tom Jones, Aerosmith, Johnny Cash and U2,this countryrock-hardrock album is found to settle into your album collection as mp3 or the old-school-oh-so-real real thing. It’s not wonder they call their sound “genre-bending DIY rock and roll” Some have even compared their sounds have even been compared with the likes of Kenny Rodgers, The Doors, and REM.

First time around instant oh-so-personal loveables include

  • Anne Boleyn
  • Set My Horses Free
  • and Starstruck


With those deep deep vocals, and loveable cords, and electrifying riffs, I felt myself taken to one of their gigs.

So here’s my disappointment. Not enough info and not enough stage presence. Let me explain…

It feels like this is one of those best kept secrets still in the making. They have clearly arrived … (They have 10k Facebook likes) but little is known about these folks. With limited press and nothing on YouTube, it’s like the spotlight hasn’t even caught up with them. Or they’re too underground for their own good.

I guess that’s why they call it a debut.

But don’t be fooled thinking it’s their first time. These guys are old-school music veterans who have clearly laid the ground below their feet and hold true to their sounds. No bubble-gum pop or charades here. Just pure rock, with the right amount of country! The kinda blend that puts you either in the charts, or deep underground with a loved up crowd.

catalina-shortwave-680The real question is where are they going to take it … and where are you going to meet them?

Filled with personality with tracks such as It Ain’t Cool to Say You’re from Seattle Anymore, these guys are doing music on their own terms. That’s the funny thing about debuts. The more you switch it up the more you’re likely to trip. But, even dropping a Mexican riff and lullabies into the mix feels like it really works here.

So, go out there an meet them!

Get the album here:







35 thoughts on “Repeater via Catalina Shortwave on replay

  1. I love knowing what other people listen to. I actually have a separate playlist of songs that I “discovered” c/o others. Thanks for sharing this one.

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