A canvas of emotions. Run City run.

Here’s the latest music review. This time we head over to the other side of the globe, in a world they call “down-under”.

Meet The Hiding, a 4 piece band from Melbourne Australia, who tease us with this single track of their latest album.  (psssst, bru – that’s your turf!)


Staying true their name, the band hides behind lyrical illustrations and deep seated imagery. Clever thing. For 101 reasons really.

First of all you get to really connect with these heartfelt lyrics by stepping into the story, and having them splashed across your screen. Sometimes you need to hear a song a couple times, to get the hints. Well these guys have made your job, as the listener, so much easier.

The deeper reason (and I’m loving the fact that I can reference my film theory on this) is that it emphasis how alone and detached he really is. Stuck to a page, momentary illuminated in the need for self expression, the artist has a out of body experience. On the canvas, he’s heart gets spilled across the canvas, “singing” his song, and coming close to tears.  The artist, on the other hand, appears in a dreamlike, hazy, suspended world surrounded by unfamiliar baron landscapes of past expressions.

Both experiences compliment each other but remain a ying vs yang experience.

  • Regret vs anger.
  • Vulnerability vs hiding away.
  • Illumination vs a waking dreamlike reality.

” The world pulls me in like an ocean and I cannot swim,

As I hold my breath as my body sinking, it’s not over till the setting of a compromised sun.

I’m not done.

Run City run”

It’s all very artistic, really. And notable.

It’s refreshing not to see the same mirage of shots being used to depict something that’s so real to everyone. Plus it’s budget friendly (but that’s just an inner circle bonus).

So what am I talking about.

Well…. this of course:


Share your thoughts, what did this video stir up for you. Post them in the comments below.

Oh, and if you like it – why not take the next step and check out more.

It’s easy listening, cutesie owl-city like vibes, with a palette Rock/Pop/Electro fused sounds.

It soundtrack making stuff. Seriously.

Download the track(s) here


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