Fresh from the factory – kholebeatz presents

It’s the music of our times. Blending in between the lines. Blurring sides.

FactorySealed Cover - in reviewPlanting it’s flag into it’s very own story of the so called All American Dream. Fame. Fortune. Money (at whatever expense that comes by) with pimped out soundtracks and  words that roar razor blades.  Life as they know it – dissected under a spotlight in it’s guts and glory.  Life made. Celebrated in expose.

Battles of good and evil, heaven and hell, and the earth suspended in between; wrapped up in danceable club tunes. That kinda reminds me of the matrix and the explosive underground party scene … purely by it’s energy.

The tracks are infectiously crafted skin piercing tunes … pretty, surreal, enigmatic, somewhat spiritual, boomtastic, pop’ilious and  kinda cosmic. I really liked the fusion on that … especially on tracks like FAITH & SOMMERTIDER. Before dropping back into the haunting sounds of DOUGHBOY PART TWO, and the harrowing dark sounds of PROPAINE IS BACK. There is clearly more to this album than what meets the eye.


Clearly Mike Jones (head hancho) had a lot of fun fusing this string of tracks feat a flood of artists such as Pimpton,Bennie Franks, 40 Cal, Oral Bee and more.  He does a little cameo here and there, holding this rap escapade together.

But the real tune-twister is someone who goes by the name of Kholebeatz. He’s a Scaninavian rap-producer who has worked with big names in Sweden, Norway and USA. He’s also the reason you’re reading this right now, moments away from the album launch.

Watch this space




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