Life in a melody | New album from SEASHAPED

First album blues? Not these guys! Meet the new “Seashaped” kids on the block … who produce enchanting lullabies, sweet chords, and easy listening – turn me up – soundtracks for any day of the week (but especially Sundays!)


This is a must pick up, sit down, cappuccino flavoured album that fits well in cityscapes, blends well with country road trips, and drowns out the fluff on the things that make up all forms of noise in our lives. Ahhh, no wonder it’s called a pill for everything!


If this album doesn’t resonate with you right off the bat – you are listening to it wrong. Try standing on your head – or getting your ears tested. Sure it’s simple …. but that’s what I love about it. It’s crafted simpleness and authenticity that’s not as easy to pull off as you might think – trust me I know a little about this!.

My first time take-aways were

  • Watch the replay
  • Kitchen Party
  • Some old stupid tune

It’s time to get some good tunes stuck on replay in your head – and this is a great place to start.

Find them on Facebook here | Discover them on iTunes here 


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