In between the dimensions of music – and colourful dreams | Album Review

Listening to this album reminds me of the fragments of quantum leaps across dimensions into alternate universes … It’s got that familiar nostalgic 80’s grounding that we all know (no matter how old you are), and yet it has time aura of psychedelia that puts this album in a lane of it’s very own. 

They labelled their lane as the sounds of ” cinematic alternative pop” with a twang of rock electronica. Don’t you just love that? That in a world of set scales, you can step into (or between) an nuance and carve out a little piece of heaven. It’s that kind of dimension I remember about ULISIS … however, incomparable they might be. 

This is definitely a new kid on the block – after all they only just gelled this year as a band of musical brothers … so that makes them even more watchable as they step into their own and place cinematic music into the commercial globe. There personal brand and photos could use with a little more development – but musically they seem to be finding their unique stamp on the world. More so since their inspirations are the likes of Keats, TS Eliot, Saint Exupery and the Book of Psalms.(in the lyrical sense). Yes. you heard me correctly …. Keats, TS Eliot, Saint Exupery and the Book of Psalms. History is being re-written here guys!

10550993_1513705908844151_2423786207989149797_nThen there’s this cover art which again takes you back towards legends from way back when of a different kind.Now, my art history is over 10 years rusty (and that’s just an excuse not to do the maths) but I’ll say it feels a little Monet to me. 

Speaking of history, the first track drops into listen to “sound the alarm” which gets under your skin, pops up goosebumps, and gets you moving into a deepness that only music can hold you in. I’m expecting this is going to be the big-bang track off this album … and stardust (but then again I might be biased on that one!). 

The musicality is an interesting blend of heart beats, war drums, beat boxes, riffs… ignites a sense of 30 seconds to Mars … it’s rusty … and not that well evolved but it’s there.

The resulting effort is a concise, diverse song cycle which while being accessible from the first listen rewards multiple spins and calls for a repeat visits to its wide pallet of sonic and emotional colours. 

The album is only launching next month but you can get the exclusive FREE- FULL THROTTLE album run through when you tune into their facebook page – right here or via the twittersphere – here.

NOTE TO THE BAND: Keep pounding those beats and spreading the ECHO guys! Looking forward to seeing your evolution.  



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