It’s time to open your eyes : Discover Rasplyns’ album entitled “Scenes through the magic eye

I could not have chosen a better day to delve into this package. Unwrapping it on the cusp of a new moon, I quickly knew that my intuition had been asking me to wait. To be fully present. Now I find myself surrounded by candle light, watching the new moon rise. It is in that moment that I choose to step through the open door and press play.

Open Door is the 4th track off of Rasplyns’ album entitled “Scenes through the magic eye”. It has an epic, masterful, legendary, and translusive feel that feels almost Egyptian. I can’t help but see flashes of Pharaohs, pyramids, and plush banks of a riverbed. Through all of this imagery there is one thing that cannot be disputed: its power. From shifting from this illusive misappropriated (and ever so haunting, taunting, explosive) external power to one’s true intimate inner personal power.

And yet there is something undistinguishable about it: mysterious, magnetic, mesmerising muse.

Rasplyn_Scenes 1383883_938189999543726_6090017929679427406_n

It really is an open door to the experience you need to have. As a meditative journey it takes you to the chakra that feels it the most. For me right now, I can’t help but feel my womb (the birth place for all creation) strike resonance.

After all, the Carolyn O’Neill the weaver of creatix of the Rasplyn project is known for her powers of clairvoyance, psychic abilities, and energy healing.

As a creative palate, it’s has that certain je ne sais quoi about it.

It fills your mind and heart with landscapes, ideas, and inspirations. Perhaps, one could go as far is to call it a Muse.

She’s also building quite the repertoire for film scores … and if you listen to any piece, you’ll clearly see why. It’s no wonder that her day job is By day as the Production Business Manager for Resolution Digital Studios, a full-service video production studio in Chicago.She’s also composed music and supervised music production for ‘Everything Tastes Better’, which won the 2010 Chicago 48 Hr. Film Project for Best Film, Best Music, and 8 other awards. In 2011 she composed the score for ‘Lighter Lightness’, a short film produced by Resolution Digital Studios with direction by Mitch Apley, and in 2014 she won the award for Best Musical Score at the Chicago 48 Hr. Film Project, for the second time, with R Underground’s entry ‘Faces’.

And yet her music shifts into realms beyond. By nature, her stage is cosmic and global. That must be something to do with her visionary inflections of studying musical composition. It’s a craft she alchemises with spellbinding ease. She’s come a long way from her time in a Goth band (or should I say doom metal band?) Although most people jump to labelling her work as haunting, Open Door has a raw, authentic, vulnerability for me. It’s illuminating more than twisted.

She describes her sound as a blend of Mystical, Classical Fantasy, Soundtrack, World Music, Ambient, Psychedelic Drone, Apocalyptic Industrial, Metal.

And after all is said and done, I feel like rolling this all up and tossing this incomplete review away into the corners of my room. Its complexities cannot be matched in words but in sheer experiences.

This album is set to launch officially on the 30th November 2014.
Nothing’s official till then. I don’t think it ever will be.

It’s cleverly crafted like that I think. It’s whatever nuances, musicality, realms, stars, and a mirage of other influences allow it to be in this very heart beat. Without the hocus – pocus!


Tune into Mythical Records on November 30th to get the full scoop.



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