The sounds of the Universo

Across the milky way, beyond the stratosphere, and deep into the orbit of earth, and in 2015 as we cross the veil of times we step into a New Life – Nova Vida.

Elegant, sophisticated, global grooves with lounge-about feelings that tickle, play, and linger on our skin. That’s how I would define this sippable new album.

Track 1 sets the groove bar into a movable, traceable, journey. Lyric barriers aside – your heart knows this beat, this spirit, and all is good with the world. It’s the best life kinda paint by numbers type of tune.

The rest of this seven track albums dips and dives deeper and deeper into an evolution of basics. If you catch my drift. 936695_528203250658282_629540461213977838_n

Join Leo Bor on Lyrics, production, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, pianos, and all other instruments.
and Meika: Vocals for galactical experience right here in the comfort of your world.

To find out more head over to


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