Lingering, GOING, gone – an album review

In the early hours, those so called witching hours, of another Monday morning, the once silent room is filled with the sounds of jazz. Sometimes lullabies; sometimes soul searching – gut wrenching; yet most times a playful transportative composition of shared, missed, undreamed moments in times. Fireflies in a dark night sky – distinguishable purely by the way it lingers.
Screenshot 2015-02-01 13.01.41“Floris has a great sense of melody and writes beautiful, exciting music”~ Tony Moreno. And so it has been said, heard, felt … and your feet knows it too. At least mine do – the way feet just do. They’re on a mission of their own, creating their own chaotic artistic expression on this 8 track composition.

“Floris Boere’s playing is always inventive, always looking for that connection with his fellow musician” ~ John Scofield.

Forget musician, Floris has the gift of meeting you – regardless of your understanding of jazz – and twisting you into a hip swaying, time travelling, version of who you could be. Besides there is so much more to this guy then Jazz … Floris Boere is a young but skilled pianist and composer, with experience playing music for over 18 years. He is a writing member of the original pop band Rexford, plays jazz with his own quartet and holds a Master of Music in Jazz Studies from NYU, at which he served as an Adjunct Faculty member.

The music is in no way lyrical in the conventional sense of the world… and yet I feel compelled to write that word. Lyrical. Perhaps it has something to do with the visual energy that seeps, ebbs, and flows from his choice of notations. What he brings to the light and what he leaves in the shadows. The meditative spaces in-between. Everything else that remains unsaid. Tracks of note include #1 Us Too – with it’s exotic and very much smokey salsations influences and pulsations #2 Breathe in Breathe out – for it’s dejavu like film scores and subtle inflections and #8 For the bride and the groom – for it’s sheer elegance.


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