Being a tool for change

Here’s why I love life – because it’s so alive. Think about it … Just think. As The Global Movement Summit shapes up and free passes are being handed out to all the luminaries out there – one of my new mentees is all about gospel music. Are here – this guy comes in … #synchronisity

“I want to inspire people to be happy, be positive, to unify, love one another and to just do what is right, not for self but for the entire human race. I want to encourage people to come to God. And not just come, but trust in him and obey him. You see much of the mainstream music and television that this generation of people are exposed to today is focused around sex, money, and selfishness. Its a “Me” world now. Music has the power to change a culture. The mainstream has been using that power to change the culture of this generation in a way that has been detrimental to our society. Enough is enough and it is time to tilt the scale back towards things that are spiritual, meaningful and positive” shares Quincy Whetstone. Quincy aka Q-Stone is a producer, songwriter, sound engineer, musician,artist and author behind this album:

My Voice My Spirit Photo

And isn’t that just what the world needs more right now. Faith. Silence. And even a return to centre (regardless of your religious beliefs – there is a universal truth to this).

What I found interesting is this album isn’t what I expected … and of course Christian music has long since changed from Church sounds. However this mix of Southern + Hip Hop + Gospel can easily result in a double take.

“When people ask me what style of music I make, I can never explain it. It does not sound like traditional gospel. To me it’s not just rap. It’s rapping, singing and instrumentation together, creating the art or sound, you know. I’ll break it down like this. It’s “Southern” because I was born and raised in the southern region of the United States. I have been greatly influenced by the southern way of life. Southern accent, southern hospitality, country living, southern style of rap music, loving the Lord, going to church, and attending family and friend get togethers. That’s how we do it down here. It’s “HipHop” because rapping or MC’ing is one of the four elements of the hip hop culture. It’s “Gospel” because my music is inspired by the scriptures of the Bible. That’s how it happened. ”

We believe you! It’s all play – it’s all unique and authentic ways of showing up. And the tunes make it a little more infectious. (In an oh-so-likable fusable and utterly usable kinda way).

Quincy adds “It’s funny because, no one in my household was a musician or singer. My dad did play many records around the house. I did not come to realize how many people on my mom’s side of the family were great singers until I got older. When I was kid, I remember having this fascination with synthesizers. Every time we went to a store that sold electronics, I would always look to see if they had a synthesizer. Back then it was the little plastic Casio. I had never heard sounds like that come out of what I thought was just a toy piano. It had strings and synths with programmed drum patterns. That was the coolest thing to me. I guess, that’s when the first seed was planted. Once I entered middle school I joined the band and started playing the trombone. From that point, I began to learn more about music as far as theory, notes, time, styles and all that stuff. I took what I learned from playing in the band and transferred it over to making my own music. From that point on I never stopped creating music. It was a natural process. That’s the short version.”

Now I’ve met my share of musos having once been mega active in the music industry myself … and I know there’s a lot more to the album birthing process then the final cover art. So I asked about that …

“I can’t really say that there was a track that was hard to make because I trust the process of making a good song, and I am very patient with my songs. What I can say is there is one song in which I opened up for the first time and expressed some personal feelings. The song “Yes I Do” was a song I wrote during one of the most difficult and emotional periods of my life. It’s a very simple song lyrically but the words mean so much to me. You see a woman whom I thought I was going to marry decided that she did not want to be with me any more, and just took off.. That’s why the song starts out with “No matter what I’m going through, I’ma keep my spirits high, I know that I’m not alone God’s always on my side.” To get more personal, in the rap verse when I say “He’ll use someone that’s next to you to try to get to you, and that’s bad”….well. When I think about it now, it was the best thing that happened to me. The chain of events that happened after that would not have happened if I would have been in that relationship. It was God’s plan…and I thank him everyday for knowing my heart and directing my steps.”

And so artist or channel, a piece of his genuine soul was left on the table. In the silences, in the lyrics, in the vibrations. And that’s the beauty of art – for it too is alive. On that note – Quincy is one of the featured artists that will be debuted on The Global Movement Summit. Click here to find out more. 

QUincy_Whetstone_Promo_Photo_1_copy (1)

Screenshot 2015-03-03 09.34.46

But back to the conversation at hand ….

One of his favourite verses in the Bible. It reads. “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace”. Not to be famous, not to be rich but to be a tool for positive social change, to move the people towards spiritual thinking and believing…. to serve one another.

And if you were wondering just why his soul aligned to The Global Movement Summit –  I think you just found your answer.

Now if you can’t wait till then to press play head on over here to get more info on the album:




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