An aside with Maestro Meshach Abednego

Having just premièred his hot cover of Glad To Be Here on The Global Movement Summit – we managed to both catch our breath and connect over a quick little aside to get a deeper understanding of the musical musings behind this track.

Hello New York City! I was really not expecting this. But then again I really should not be surprised. especially when you meet an artist who so effortlessly (ok, we know the truth about that)  fuses both Nu world beats and new world music influences in this track. When I asked him what the message behind that was he simply and effortlessly replied “t’s meant to reference the tradition of the Shaman. A shaman will sometimes use tantric rhythms as a means of healing.”

I knew just then we had a triple winner. A muso after my own heart. Now I definitely wasn’t surprised.

Remember that time warp I spoke about in my album review (read it here). Here’s what he had to say about that. “My aim is to communicate God’s love in this track. Time warp is a good way to put it. The French intro at the beginning is meant to ready the listener to travel to a new place.”  He then added  I’m a big fan of the original by FC Kahuna. The simple melody and positive message got me through some tough days. Now that I’m recording, I wanted to share it”.

Now that deserves a bigger question right. I mean what inspires such kind of soulful thinking. I could almost hear him shrugging as he replied saying “Music is acoustic alchemy that has the power to inspire, heal and change the world. You had me at “Hello  😊

But seriously … all flattered I kept asking… digging …. exploring… to which he simply replied ” I’m inspired by old school gospel, blues and soul music. That’s where my influence for my raw sound comes from. ”

And as for the movie craft – I can finally see why he’s so visual about his music. “If I weren’t doing music I would be a film maker. I always wanted to be like Spike Lee or Woody Allen.” he shares.

He defines his sounds as ”  a gospel blues and folk roots artist. It’s I see myself that way because of my commitment to an organic sound and meaningful or spiritual content.

The deepness of his answers, the wisdom of his eyes, the history of his voice, and the soul of his passion all cultivate in one thing – this is one of those need to watch guys.

Here’s another thing that’s hard to miss. How taken back he is by gratitude. It just oozes out of him. When I asked him about that he shared: “Oh, I’m super grateful for my family. I have an incredible wife and son. They are my greatest gifts. Shameless Dad Video Here :o)

We love Dad videos. Right?!? Too good not to share. And with that much style to go around – we couldn’t resist.

Parting thoughts …..

“Right now, i’m working on a song I composed in honor of Billy holidays 100th birthday. It’s a jazz arrangement of Happy Birthday called “Wishes In Blue”. After that, I release my first EP on Memorial Day.”

Follow him here for all the need to know deal breaking info:


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