Music that does what it says. A feat made real by Meshach Abenego

Sometimes you need to travel around the world – shift your paradigm – alter your reality – to really know the ground under your feet. This track has that kinda moving musicality about it. It’s a Hypnotic, Transportative. Transformative. Multi-Sensory skin crawling production that could easily be dropped into the a film score of some art nouveau film, or even as dubbed as a sound track to your own tales and memoirs.

If you are still looking for a 2015 theme track for your life – this is one such one that gets a mention.

For all of you who are following all the shifts about, and the work that I am doing with The Global Movement Summit you won’t be surprised to to learn that this track has just gotten a special feature slot on that platform. And I’ve been incredibly picky with those tracks. (As you may have noticed as well!).

The way the lines blur in this track is sensational. The last time I felt such a time space collapse in music is when I heard the musical score from the film Cloud Atlas. Yes, I am comparing this to that.

The way it brings the present – the future – the external – the internal – the yesterday and the sounds of something a lot more ancient with that sexy, understated, soulful voice is purely disruptive. The first time I heard it it really forced me to be present! An apt feat considering the title of this track is Just be glad to be here. 


About the Artist:

Meshach Abednego is a gospel blues artist from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY. Meshach’s music invites you into an intimate space with a vocal quality that is haunting and beautiful. The arrangements move effortlessly between graceful jazz arpeggios and jagged blues rhythms – while the subject matter of his lyrics are heartbreakingly honest and revealing.

Meshach began studying classical and jazz guitar at age 23 and continued to play informally for many years. Inspired by the birth of his first son in 2013, Meshach decided to try his hand at writing and composing.

His original song “SMS Blues” is a debut release from an old soul. You can hear the American south in the acoustic arrangement as Meshach uses the gospel chant of “Save My Soul” as a call for redemption. In the recording, Meshach masterfully blends the traditions of jazz, gospel and delta blues to create a uniquely American sound.

The single is a positive sign of what to expect from Mr. Abednego who is working on an EP titled “I AM:” scheduled for release June 21st, 2015. The debut effort will be supported by an American tour in August and limited engagements in London, Paris and Geneva.

Exclusive interview to follow shortly.


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