It’s not as cold as you might think. Cold Winter Knights Album Review.

Two hipsters, a ginger, and a black guy walk into a bar… this isn’t the start of a bad joke, it’s not.

AttachmentAnd I have their latest album right here! SO what can you expect from a band that played to 9,000 Zombies? Ok, so it was a charity  event. (There are no such things like zombies …. right?)

Well, it’s surprisingly lounge-like easy vibes. Not this heavy gangsta rage! Phew!!!! But with that commercial grooves that transcend space and the dance floor. The beats are playfully amazing, tripping all over the place.Synthesizing new realities.  Making it a notable production. It’s got me curious enough to see them live.

Personal favourites include:

Another thing that came through was realness. Pure unadulterated realness. Despite the production elements – there’s something super special about these guys. If you are reading this – remember this, don’t ever lose this pureness. It’s something the music industry needs!

Whether it’s on the radio waves, road tripping digital vibes or on the dancefloor at your favourite club these guys have something to meet you in every single space. Making this album an avant-garde, electroacoustic, and indietronica melting box! Nice!

We want more!

Want to check it out for yourself? Click here

Discover even more @


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