What lies beneath

What lies beneath this outer interior, this box, this façade, this perspective ….

A song, a track, an album, a movement or is it all just an enigma?

Hmmmmmm, we’ll here’s how I’d describe The Synthetic Dream Foundation – “The Witch King 1st Movement: 

A potent, surreal, day-tripping, multi-sensory, psychedelic, and complete otherworldly experience that leaves you free falling through dimensions, realms, heavens, and hells … unmasking every flavour, nuance, and catch 22, and incarnation of humanity …. OR an Art House flick OR a experimental theatre production that can only be classified as an artist expression of a fragment of the human soul.

Send your senses into overdrive, loose yourself in the trace, no drugs or alcohol required! You’ll love this album if you’re looking to tackle your inner demons or head over heel in love with them. You’ll love it even more if you are a trace bunny and dancefloor fashionista. OR just a poet who loves existential underscores.

Either way this movement is going to move you. Whether it underscores your nightmares, your epic battles, your triumphs, or the roads between is up to you.

From harsh, brooding, mechanical beats to dreamy classical piano, and ambient masterworks which shift through and absorb cold, alien landscapes. This artist is not limited by any single genre, but instead rather compelled by the infinite possibilities electronic advancements bestow upon the musical art form.

So tell me dear, how far down the rabbit hole are you ready to go?

Find out more with the official pass here homepage at http://www.tsdf.net/ and the unofficial  pass here http://www.mythicalrecords.com/


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