rePresenting. 2015.

I love it when … you pick up an album and it’s not what you expect … but just enough of the very thing that you were looking for.

‘Boonie Mayfield Presents: Solomon Vaughn’ is an entirely self-produced, “one-man-does-all”, genre-bending album with unique blends of hip-hop, funk, blues, soul, jazz, psychedelic rock, pop and more. This creative work of art takes listeners through a loosely-based story of emcee/singer/songwriter, Solomon Vaughn’s world of daring experimentation, inspiration, nostalgia, honesty, love and relationships, social commentary and self-reflection, all backed by the unique, versatile and theatrical production from his laid-back, yet sometimes outrageous multi-instrumentalist alter-ego, Boonie Mayfield.

I love it when there’s that one number that just blows you out into the luminary stratosphere with almost instant-play-me-backs delights

You know the kind that creates moments that feel a little like Deja Vu….?

And yes, everyone is talking Pink Floyd on this one. And that’s pretty impressive. I’ll throw a little Prince // Symbol enigma into the mix for good measure. Coz it’s really good like that.

And then the light switches, and the picture changes. Pixelated between old school, 2015, and 2 sides of the same-old-not-so-same-old.  It’s not wonder why this artist landed a review like this back in the day:

“Soul is a term that a lot of producers seem keen to have associated with their music – browse any repository’s soul section and you’ll find a glut of music that… well, isn’t soul.  We’re not purists per se, but I do think it’s a bit of a stretch to call hip hop beats with soul samples soul. When Boonie Mayfield calls himself a Hip Hop and Soul producer however, he means it in the truest sense of the word.” – (2011)

And then the track dissolves and you’re back in the comedy show of life, keeping it oh so real, behind the scenes, playful, stuff. Expect for that opening track. That’s just smart.

I’ll leave you to go here  and here to do more homework. Enjoy!



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