Girls just wanna have fun. Plus still look pretty in white.

Even if you’re a wild child, independent woman, or all things chic, there’s a little princess in most gals, pinteresting that big day. We’ve planned it all out in our heads, and all we really need is the right guy to arrive (and a budget to pay for the whole big-bang-affair).

It’s like no matter what relationship status we’re in. (thanks to Facebook for making it complicated) there’s a secret love affair happening between our inner blushing bride and the wedding ceremony.

So much so that a woman even officially married herself (true story) just to get to have the big white dress and party.

Question. If she’s so committed to getting the guy then who exactly is she pushing away? You’ll have to explain that lyric to me. I don’t get it. Apart from the commitment to having the day and rehearsing it to perfection, this sing-song can go a lot of different ways. And I guess that’s the secret to going viral. An Option. Blasted. Real time.

I don’t know why but when I heard the artist talk about tongue and cheek, I jumped to this could be one of those Alley Mcbeal inspired tunes in some twisted little thriller. Do you feel that too?

Or maybe this track is designed to give Rebecca Black a little competition – because let’s face it (if you haven’t googled her music yet – you might still be tempted to see two rivals at play.

Either way bubblegum pop is back with a tooth-ache to match. Youch!

The question remains – how far would you go for a blushing bride memento? 

Music as a medium for social commentary – there’s nothing shocker about that now is there?


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