The darker side of all things mad. It’s Bizarre.

As Google crashed left – right- and centre, there was only one thing left to do. Dial up the music of course. But I’m unsure is this soundtrack made the moment worse, or if it made it better. After all the second track leads with the idea of being hopeless while the world crashes all around you. Thanks for that. Bizarre is the understatement of the year.

Deep. Dark. Grunge. Phantomesc electronica with burning, tripsy, riffs and a cat. The kind that convolutes your body into dance spasm, all over the dance floor. The image I get is of a mad hatter persona, inviting you into a lyrically twisted world, with the grinning cat, and perhaps a zombie or Jack Sparrow on drums. And it could work too, in a state of deliria (because it’s all really just one guy). Hey … it’s not called bizarre for it’s endless supply of cupcakes.

Now I’m curious to see what a live performance! See, my imagination goes haywire with these kinda things. But, it’s all Robin B. Czars fault anyways. Right Maestro?!

Hard to imagine when you see this face


How about when you see this cover art?


Ok … fine … how about his website …. (see link at the bottom of this page)

In distortia, metalica, warped through some sort of hellish landscape this album dances between the whimsical, the insane, and the darkness inbetween. Notable tracks that deliver this kinda skin crawling experience include “Your decent to hell” (naturally), “requim” and “kiss of death” (of course).

I must admit the cat song had me intrigued. Arb. Random. Different. And not smelly. (Unlike Phoebe’s cat). That one is called “Kiss of death” and it’s a song about Oscar, a cat living in an American hospital and jumping into the beds of the dying
so it looks as if it would comfort them. And we all know the story about cats been the champions for the other side, gods, and infintum. So no suprise there.

His musical inspiration comes from a twisted aesthetic of the world around him. Like the track “She loved too much” which is inspired by  a girl confessing to Robin that she would like to eat the tongue and the eyes of a particular guy she had a crush on. She also showed him her mobile which had a photo of her rabbit as a wallpaper. One day it bit her and she killed it but kept that rabbit’s picture because she loved it too much. And her geography teacher took her virginity when she was fifteen.

Art. Trash.Truth. It’s all a matter of perspective right? I guess Halloween came early this year …..  Bizarre. Bizzare. Bizzare! No matter how I try to rationalize it or put a pulse on it – somethings are just not meant to be understood. Just experienced. At least this music is as dark as it’s content. Unlike some bubblegum pop with lyrics that shock. With this album, you know what you are going to get. A whole lot of bizarre.

Robin B. Czar came out in 2007 with his album Nachtgesänge (German for “NocturnalChants”) gaining notoriety for his bizarre positivity. 3 albums later and countless gigs in between this happened. Somewhere along that journey he tripped (the way he puts it is a sum of life experiences kinda swirled together ) and then BAM – this album happened.

Whether you’re into latin, darker than gaga romances, tales beyond the crypt, skin-piercing reality checks, or just a bit of rarr-rarr you’ll dig singing up for the bizarre mission that entangles this album from beat one, till beat end. Stop by if you dare: . Album get’s it’s official unveiling in October 2015.

So if this is your kinda thing, or you’re just too curious to see how good, bad, or ugly it can be – you’ll want to watch the CDBaby store around the 2nd October. Then again, all those deets will be plastered across his website. Just be warned – curiosity has a way of killing the cat.


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