The lines between the strings

The mystery of creativity expressed in a strum. That’s what this music reminded me of. That and the incredible bass player of some other band that I can’t get out of my head. That moment where you balance on a thread, a fine line, a guitar string between being in control and getting lost. And that’s the mystery of music. The tipping point, where the line gets blurred.

It can go one of three ways.

  1. Lost in the structure – political correctness of playing the music instead of making music. Usually not a good thing or a studio album (but no live spunk).
  2. The artful mastery of one foot in each world … (this is rare).
  3. Getting lost in the music. Letting it take you where it needs to go. Or somewhere else. Who knows.

The danger in 3 could be your music is better than you are. The gift is the passion to jump into the unknown. To be so in love with it that no matter what else exists – the music just is. Nelson King clearly has that heart for music. You can feel it’s leading him. He’s become lost to it’s strum. And it’s kinda authentic – brutally real. And I feel like that’s just what he’s looking for. A moment to caress his guitar in a rasp of emotions, reflections, and wherever inspiration hits. By no beat commercial, hit, or wonder. But real. And man, when the music fades to strum … the music breathes in with simplicity. Understated.

Fav track – when stars collide – no surprise there right Nova?


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