Another big day for QUALIA

Whimsical. Mystical. Adorable and I have to say sensational. And trust me it has nothing to do with Al. It just happened that way. And here’s how that happened.

<< REWIND <<

In an world, that’s thrashing out over-produced, mismatched, androgynous, synthetic, inhuman experiences musicality, and all things in-between … it’s easy to get lost in the blur. Or the desire to trump GAGA. Or hop-scotching with everything to prove trying to be everything to everyone.

Uncommercially viable, renegade on their own terms, lifetime kids who sound like they know what it really means to have fun. Sure they have some twang, but there’s nothing poppy about it. It’s alive with its own distinctive culture and it invites you to choose the flavour. You could settle on #indie or #alternative, but I know that you can do better than that.


Track 1: Presque Vu

Took me back – maybe he’s physic – to my own little kindergarten rendezvous of daisy chains and secret promises – but before I indulge in that rabbit hole lives this instant hit. Rippling through my DNA, drumming my fingers on the desk, it crawls under your skin and flashmobs ever pore into a dance-freak-break-out. You have no idea how hard it is to write this while my inner kid goes all candy-cotton on these infectious beats. This track has the power to spark a long forgotten memory or make 100 new ones. DOWNLOAD IT.

Track 2: Guillotine

Theatrical, lyrical, epic, and waiting for its #SYTYCD debut. That’s So You Think You Can Dance Att: Sonya / Travis / Anyone. This track has the power to drop you into the moment. Have you downloaded it yet? With a quiver in it’s vocals, a raw authentic rasp, and lingering melodies, explosions happen in the little moments. With just the right leverage. this track is going to ooze itself over the world. Get it before the tsunami crumbles over.

The Album debuts today. So you have plenty of time to get ahead of the curb and write the trends as they augment themselves into your frequency… The sophomore EP from QUALIA; now Seattle-based, the musical outfit remains faithful to its founding elements – anthemic melodies, un-obvious lyricism, creative arrangements and an unabashed love of all things digital, retro and pixelated.


Discover more over at or

Qualia - Triptych Album Cover


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