The sounds that lullabies, dreamscapes, and round the world trips are made of…

In a world gone digital, disruptive, with so much to say and could feel what the little that is being said has little meaning. In a world that’s lullabies, sleeping, slumbering, or even on pause … there’s a glimmer of something more.

A pause. That moment between breathing in and breathing up, that’s plugged into consciousness, and expansive as it is digital.

This one happens to sound Celtic. Thanks! Every dream, memory, whim, plausible, yearning of the landscapes that hold this music come flooding to me. A round the world trip without jetlag. Hmmm, I’m really walking into so many delicious metaphors as I listen to

Serene Spaces: Celtic Harmony:

a meditative, magical, mystical lullaby of times gone by – that oh so present and entirely yours for the making. Something for your inner Goddess to swirl into, your inner child to slip into as dragons, castles, and princesses come into view, or your inner Romeo and Juliet to fall in love with all over again. Or even Japan, rising with the blood red moon (Don’t ask me why, I just went there!).

Whatever landscape, reality, dream you choose to tuck yourself into you’re projected to a dimension of effortless ease.

And if you are not drawn to the Celtic landscapes, you can just get hypnotized by the infinite darkness as you drop into nothingness. That cosy teddy-bear-hug-me-lots snuggle moment, to smell of fresh linen, and the comforting space of utter presence as you feel into your heart, your body (but out of mind!), to the grass below your feet, or the sensation of being blessed with the sensational gifts (touch, smell, etc)

10 minutes …. down this rabbit hole … and your stresses melt away like marshmallows on a roaring fire and butter on hot toast.

Serenaded by the sounds of a  Celtic folk harp and Swedish nyckelharpa, supported by a rich assortment of acoustic instruments performed by Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter, this

Soothing Celtic music mixed with BWE designed for relaxation and stress relief.

And it sounds a little like this….


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