Fresh of Campus

Over the last couple of days I’ve been making some bold statements about all things disruptive. Dress it up how ever you like. Bling it into extinction. Innovate. Press Play. Fast Forward. Or this … this is kinda appropriate and it’s set to ROAR!

Parental Advisory to match.

Refusing to be muted, refused to be judged, the hip hop culture is on the edge of take no prisoners, telling it like it is, and kicking up dirt. Dirty laundry, confessions, and well, you know how the story goes.

Processed, synthetic, with a whole lot of lyrical content, disruptive – but in a world gone computerized is it distinctive enough to stand for something? The industry is a tough place. I remember it. And now plug and amplify buttons on every digital corner – the real question is palatability. Then again, it’s a matter of perspective right? Rage… is still all the revolution. And with so many people begging to be heard, the ability to be able to but a voice, rasp, roar, to the hustle, pop, fashionista, change-it-up culture, that’s underground, underdog, and under processed … this artist is committed to living it.

This is the sound of anarchy and activism. Underground, not mainstreamable. It has some interesting cord arrangements, and a whole lot of warped production … with some stereotyped applications hitting the traditional beats … that feels a little lifeless.

When he finds his depth, maybe there’s something there. There’s clearly a vision… to grow up and do big things.

Best track: No 15: 

Here’s to getting distinguishable. But hey that’s just me. What are your thought… cutting it, faking it, or still in the making of it?


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