Now that’s pulsed up …

Ok, this got my attention. Palpable, dancable, entrancable. Something to get lost into. Something that takes me back, brings me around, fast me forwards, drops me, and suspends me into an out of body, out of mind experience. The way good dance music should. And the fans really love it too.


So this face is up to things. Crazy things by the sounds of it. And well – just look at that face – is it any wonder? His new album drops early 2016 and it’s titled ASYLUM.

Here’s a free downloadable to get you there.

Now that’s kinda sexy don’t you think? I’ll take one of those.

Lesson 1. This guy know’s what he is doing.

Lesson 2. Don’t judge a book by its cover

Lesson 3. If you want to dance the music will find you.

Lesson 4. Crazy is whatever you make it to be.

Lesson 5. Not everything needs to come in 3’s, 5’s, 7’s or 10’s. Repeat 1 -4 and press that download button.

Lesson 6.

Back to the tracks. If you thought the stuff you got to hear was dubbadacious, wait till you hear the rest of the tracks. Instant party vortex … that trips you up without the candy effect. Becuase, who needs that stuff anyhoo. Besides. These beats are good for you.

PS is they ever made a Mario Brothers Movie – they have a new sound score too. Sorry, had to go there. ;)

Here’s something to think about till the album drops

PS. Have you done this yet?


Now, see you at the world tour. Hint Hint.


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