Not so under the radar any more

Wasn’t expecting that? Neither was I … but that’s the best thing about music … it’s ability to take you somewhere else completely. To be ethereal, timeless, ahead of it’s time, and exactly what’s needed at the right time. With cords to match, and beats to transcend, and a chant to enthral you into some sort of movement. Some sort of rendition of who you are. And Lyrics – proof that they are entirely optional. That compelling music just is.

Edgy, spunky, without the need to be wild – that’s your job dear listener to get as wild or sophisticated as you need to be in this precious moment. Oh, and commercial-bility. Becuase things look better in suits and this beat is just there!

To be able to mash up so many sounds with such control …. to be so lost in the music but never driven by it …. to be able to wrap up a full experience with such an extensive palette while still holding true to a common form …. is distinctive. And not as easy as it looks. Especially when you don’t have the lyric to hold it together. Now that’s rockstar!

Can I ask the obvious ….. Elvis Bloodline? Am I the only one hearing an Elivs twang? Common? Lemme know?

Other people equally impressed include:

Bonazzoli penned a diverse batch of straight-up rockers, shifting tones and moods (that’s where the detail work comes in) to create an album that flows from fast ‘n’ furious to mellow ‘n’ meditative. -Worcester Telegram and Gazette

The fact that Mr. Bonazzoli and his band are not on a major label shows how dismal the industry has become. -The Week in Music

An amazing undiscovered talent. -Indie Music Monthly

Plus you’ve now had two chances to make your own mind up on this accord. Is the industry on the verge of something new. Is there a new “over night success” story in the making?

Guess we are about to find out as we get the exclusive with an interview with the band.

Hold that thought! See you soon.


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