This is not a conspiracy theory.

First off there’s something I have to say: Elvis is very much alive and he’s teamed up with the cast of Rocky Horror Picture show to bring you a 2015 album.

Then there’s something I need to do: And it goes like this.

Now I know you’re wondering what how that sounds like Elvis or Rocky – and I hear you. But as much as I want to let the cat out the bag on this one – I’ve been sworn not too. (Argh, super super hard!)


But here’s what I can tell you. I think. Oh well, I’m going for it. It has to do with the concept art behind this album. And no I’m not talking brand design – and if you know my stuff – you’ll know that branding is not just a logo. I’m talking about the spirit of this album… the ethos…. the soul …. the incantation.

The album American Ghost Stories is a musical tribute to old time radio shows of the 1930’s – 1950’s. It has ghost stories, detective stories, romance and more.


I’ll give that a moment to sink in.

Or three.

See a lot of creatives forget just how much power they have. I’m not talking VooDoo. I’m talking about the way that they set the scene, create the mood, provide the palette, and ultimately craft the experience. These guys know how to deliver that in the bucket loads. Potentially the official none head-thrashing cult-like Halloween track for years to come, to twisted cabaret, to any kind of fantasy that included ghosts, detectives, romance, Elvis, Romance, and timeless jukebox mementos. The craft possibilities are endless.

So as a full album experience this gets 11/10. Though I would have wanted more howl and less la-la. I would have liked to have gone down more of the journey of the Ghosts.

But here’s where they can clever…. What are ghosts really? Fragmented memories suspended in other worldly dimensions, graveyard moments, loneliness, loss, death, and the inability to grasp reality. If that’s the tales we tell … we’re all have moments where we are living within and alongside ghost stories.

I’ll give you a second to let that sink in….

Notable tracks have to do with a Black Cat … Goosebumps and legacy moments were captured by “If you wait for me” that’s hauntingly reminiscent of love gone by. And “do they dream” for taking me to another space and inspiring another conversation. Road have Mercy – for showing that the dark side doesn’t have to be all that bad (And doing that Elvis thing)

This album is fun, cheeky, poignant, and distinguishable. In a market space fascinated by old skool, this album comes at the perfect time. An experience if you’re up for it.


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