Thought you’ve seen it all before?

I’ve gone into this week with TEXAS like musical vibes on replay. And even though this isn’t TEXAS …. it’s got Texas written all over it. And hey, maybe that’s just poor geography on who is what and where when it comes to the states (and if it is wrong – I’ll blame Hollywood for it) but where else does country, cowboy, and fiddle some legacies get born. In Texas.

Ironically there’s something about Texas and Hell in track 3. So I am wondering which side of the line I’m on here. (PS. I’m from South Africa). So let’s stop tip toeing around the matters of semantics and trade it in with aesthetics.

But before we do let’s get the facts straight: Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders are a country rock/alternate country/hard rock/blues/folk band based in Australia. The Rough Riders released their debut album The Last of the Originals in August 2014, getting solid reviews from all over the world for their brash country rock sounds. The Rough Riders are back with their second album Go By Myself was released in October 2015.


Now that we got that out the way ….

Country is super sexy these days. Billboard charting. And Utterly raw. But when you mix it up with rock and the blues … you get the recipe of being limitless. Something for everyone, without the twang, sounds of soul, meets the inner rocker we all know is there. These are the sounds gone wild. Disruptive, rock-a-billy, new age commerciality, that doesn’t have anything to prove.

This album meets you in the roar, in the side step, ye-haaa, power charged, raspy, childlike space that’s oh-so-grown-up and set to take no prisoners (with a smile on the face). Slick. Very Slick.

Signature Tracks are well every darn one but the ones that stood out the most included …. (time to get picky) ……

  • Seen it all before – for it’s clear global radio play readiness
  • Red Head Baby – for it’s instant music festival / club scene transportation effect
  • No more Mr Nice Guy – for it’s way to get under your skin. Maybe not a good thing ;)

So here’s what I want you to do about it. Click on over to and press play. And tell me more. Becuase music is shaped by the ability to hear the different perspectives. I’d love to hear yours.


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