Entangled in the cords

I remember listening to Rodrigo and Gabriella the one day, and someone came up to me with pure shock splattered across their face. “But there are no words” they howled. “I’m confused, does that make this classical – and isn’t classical music like old people’s music?”.

WOW. Ok. Reliving that moment stunned me just as much as it did back then. But it raises a whole load of conversations. Like is rap or spoken word music?  Even when it doesn’t have a beat under it? And all those other shades of grey.

Let me set the tone. This is a post about music. Not classical music. Not poetry. Or croquet. Music.

Not a soundtrack. Not ambient – def not ambient listening kinda music. But something you can spin at some sort of Brazillian dance off.

It’s sexy. Raw. Crazy. Lyrical – without words. Riffing on ideas, meme’s, popular culture and Brazil. And fusion has never been hotter than right now.Movable, transferable, and what you need it to be. Go on insert your own lyrics if you have too.

The rock roots were in evidence in his playing, Dallton Santos, a musician with a deal with his job, was always looking for more from his instrument and more from himself… was looking for possibilities to make his knowledge bigger studding other musical styles like jazz, brazilian music and funk. At this time listened too much Frank Zappa, Hermeto Pascoal, Herbie Hancock, Egberto Gismonti, Michael Brecker and Arnold Schoenberg. He would like to be a more complete musician and know that these were big and important references.

All this search by knowledge, by listening other styles brought as consequence very positive impacts in his music as well. Jazz and brazilian music helped him to reach a bigger harmonical sensibility from other side, the funk gave him a rhythmic sensibility. His songs started to sound rock with a fusion of other styles.

In 2011 released ‘ Virtual Fusion’ – an album that took attention of musicians and enthusiastic in brazil and abroad, besides bringing as results a lot of articles in the main magazines and specialized websites.

I can see why. Talking aboutpouring all of yourself into a piece of art. Free guitar lesson included for those that can keep up. Bless.

My fingers feel tangled just listening to it. Sigh!

That brings us to his latest album – The Inner Things. A medly of rock gone loco. Sassy gone sensational, upstaged by the musicality. Some things are good as they are. This is one such case.

Oh and an opening act Rodrigo and Gabriella would sign up for – Or so I’d like to think.

For more info check out:
Official website http://www.dallton.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DalltonSantos/

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