Slipping through the cracks

Stars are pulling in all directions. Discovering music instead.

Actually, Music discovering me. Pretty spot on lyrics. Naturally.

Don’t you love that?

When a song, a track, an album finds you. Universal enough to permeate the globe personal enough to be your own lullaby. And when the message isn’t for you somehow the beat meets you there regardless. Personally, this is one of those moments. And it had to happen exactly like this … today. On the other side of the illusion, the fortress, the tricks we play.

It’s the piano that hooked me in. Then the soul. Then that voice. An Angelic rasp caught between the light and the dark. And the feeling submerged in between this stripped down rendition of living outside of yourself, and the fort within your heart. The anguish, the surrender, the memory. That quiet power, and distinguishable femininity.


With only 5 tracks to win you over, make you turn your head, and listen this album is smart. Pretty and smart. Good move. With 5 calibre tracks – no low lights in this world – and a strong leading track, you’re bound to take note.

Oh and don’t judge it based on pretty. Pretty has bite. Subtle, but it leaves a mark. With a little more airplay, could there be an anthem in the making?

Now go out there and give it some love. That’s what this season is all about. She poured hers out. It’s time to honour that. Besides, no one likes those awkward moments when someone shares something huge and you the other person just gets fidgety.

The remedy. Bands love love-notes in the forms of album sales, albums shares, and facebook likes. All the details you need to do any and all of those can be found here:

The website:
The Facebook page:
And the Instagram: @FabienneGriselMusic

Fabienne Grisel grew up to the beats of Kate Bush, Pat Benatar, Led Zeppelin, and Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few of her eclectic musical taste. From an early age she felt mesmerized by the melodies of her father’s trumpet and, in this way, music became the perfect escape to a complicated childhood and teenage years. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, she moved to LA in the early 1990’s.

Driven by melodies and fond of lyrics open for interpretation –some of which, like Nothing Else, are based on life events−, Fabienne has the ability to create songs that take listeners on a rollercoaster ride of feelings, from melancholy to hope, always with an amazingly enshrouding voice.

Thumbs up and utterly play it forwardable. Don’t you think?



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