Welcome to the new age

RadioActive. RadioActive.

Great, now I have that stuck in my head again. This isn’t a post about that track, even though it’s stuck in yours now too huh.

This is a post on the new age, augmented realities, synthetic prisms, and digitized beats warped at light speed, manipulated musicality, and this.

Compliments of Just Matthew – Connery EP

There’s something Timberlake about it, with just the right speed control between vocals and tune that contrasts the previous album I check out. Like buckets. It’s got edge, spunk, funk, stripped, but complicated. Smooth. The kind that makes you lean in and unfold into something and then slip into something a little more intimate when you undress it for what it’s actually representing. Yes. I went there. He started it.

Just Matthew is a rapper, singer, songwriter and DIY recording artist by way of Los Angeles, CA born in 1992. Using his modern poetic technique delivered through traditional hip-hop rhythm and pace, Just Matthew orchestrates these elements to exemplify the textures of today’s music and tomorrow’s.

The question is, is it edgy enough?

You tell me. http://www.justmatthew.com






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