Lyrical revolution

Hip Hop ain’t going anywhere, it fact the tide is rising and there’s a lot to say. With the world ready to listen, ready to vent, ready to pull up the barriers and get naked with real life / real time conversations. This is a lyrical revolution. Making the unsaid, unseen, and misunderstood conscious.

But in the playground of I-see-you and I-hear-you just the act of erupting the ideas that sit at the base of your throat, in an endless batter of attention between your heart and your mind, just the act of saying doesn’t make it conscious. If you know what I mean.

And if you haven’t figured, that’s a place I play. A lot. It’s what lifted me out of the music industry, and actually invited me back to play. Funny that. Evolution. Consciousness. Trends. The art of the Heart. But that’s something that lives here

Then something happened, and I heard this track: Broken Glass

It took me back around into a book that’s waiting to be thread. Perhaps the book that lives beyond the one I’m currently writing. It sounds like there’s a message that needs to be amplified there.

I’m reminded of the power of art. How the dominoes line up and we all feed into one collective of ideas. This web. This synchronicity of words trying to find each other, danced off, bounced off, absorbed, or translated into a living breathing piece. Becuase if you haven’t figured, art is alive. So is creativity. It’s walking between us and our thoughts, our dreams, our potential, our sense of wonder, in the past, in the present, and into our future.

Geez! This album has opened up a vortex of note, and it’s looking pretty epic. And that is the sign of true art. Commerciality is just an illusion. Impact is just a fragment. These albums lives in the space that’s eternal. A space of truth, influence, and true art. And that’s consciousness amplified. Oh, but yes, this Album is totally downloadable, investable, danceable, and commercial enough to go mainstream should it need to.

For those of you who are religious, you’ll love this celebration. For those of you who choose spirituality you’ll be glad to know that a dogma isn’t being forced down anyone’s throat. That balance alone is a feat.

But let’s get grounded. What exactly are we dealing with?

A living entity, that’s causing a lyrical revolution. Not in the anger, the pain, and the hate. But in human moments, in the exploration, and realization, of something infinite. Wrapped in real, authentic, emotions, poetic sound scores, and ethereal musicality, that pulsated below the skin, and capable of cutting through your flesh to your essence. A Saviour, a reminder, a magic potion to remind you of your strength, your potential, cleverly disguised in something as palatable as one of my favourite hip hop albums to land in on my desk. New talent rising. Rise with it.

His music has been called “diverse, action-packed, and memorable music that remains timeless.” but it’s more than that.

You are in a league of your own. Yes you are.

Man, those lyrics!

Goosebumps. And I think Jlo would agree.


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