Let me tell you a story …

A true life story.

The story of two people disappointed from their past lives  who met suddenly and decided to throw a stone to all their past and make a wish to live  the rest of their  life together.

Spoken through the swaying hips of a tango-esc latin flavoured love story, that lives in the spaces between what if and if only. Lost moments, dreamy veils, remembrance, and the taste of love … lost, dreamt, remembered.


What makes it even more intoxicating is to know that it’s author, creator, or channelled includes:

  • Konstantinos Dilzas is a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer who likes music and has a deep knowledge of Greek discography from 70s to nowadays
  • Features the virtuoso accordionist Jim Papadamis
  • Also features the famous Greek Pop / Rock Star Sofia Arvaniti
  • Music & lyrics by Dimitris Kiklis

Plus it’s just plain sexy … but you already knew that by now right?

There’s something about listening to a track in another language that conjures up all sort of Hollywood cinemascape and dream-like head in the cloud romanticisms. The kind that makes a gal go sigh. The kind that infiltrates your dreams, rekindling missed opportunities, what if, and if only’s. You know the kind that only ends in happy ever after.

And who doesn’t just melt at the song of a tango right? Those Sway With Me hip lines, and that Scent of a Women scene, suspended on the distinctive aroma of a french accordion. It feels so effortless doesn’t it, and yet the perfect dynamic to that tipsy, trippy trip in falling in love. Oh, la, la. With a hint of  je ne sais quoi.

Melodically, it’s stripped to the essentials. Rich, but simple. And so unfolds the art. The perfect composition that leaves you begging …. and I mean begging …. for more.

Oh my.

I’ll leave you to find your way from here.









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