From Africa with love


“Many describe my music as either melancholic or gritty. I think that these are the two moods I feel perpetually stuck in and know how to express but I don’t really know where it comes from. I still live with my mother in the house where I grew up here in Ethiopia. This is where I recorded and there is no question that my mother has always been my main support. A lot of what has made my composing and producing possible is not directly financial resources but being given the time and peace of mind to explore without having any particular goal in mind. Growing up I was very shielded from modern trends or global problems, everything revolved around music and the communion in our church where the outside world did not really exist to us. And I also want to mention the support and many opportunities I have been given to make this album possible. I was sent to editing and photography courses by my employer over the years and the American Embassy sponsored the printing of the album to give it away as a gift at the TEDx conference.”

She adds “I composed ‘One Girl Symphony’ over many years, an album mixing many eclectic styles of music and it was recently performed at the TEDx conference here in Addis Ababa, coinciding with the launch of the CD and DVD”. Not everyone gets that kinda platform. It’s got me curious … how about you?


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