Album of the year. Even if it’s Feb.

“It’s ridiculous to hear artists describe their music as something unique and yet it appeals to absolutely everyone. That being said, I want to say that this is exactly the case with my music!!! But seriously, if you listen through the album I think that anyone that at all likes blues rock, folk or classical will appreciate something in my music and how these styles are blended together. It’s almost impossible to be truly original musically because everything has been done and much of what you hear in my music is borrowed, or inspired, whichever way you want to look at it. To the extent I’m creative I think it’s having merged diverse styles and making it sound to sound familiar and not convoluted. Take for instance the opening track ‘No Glitch’ with the it’s mix of pizzicato strings and blues guitars against a hip-hop beat and Celtic folk violins coming together. In that way I think the music has a very broad appeal which is probably a strength and a weakness for finding an audience.” reflects Whitney, as she catches her breath between interviews.


So she’s just another musician then? 

“Many describe my music as either melancholic or gritty. I think that these are the two moods I feel perpetually stuck in and know how to express but I don’t really know where it comes from. I still live with my mother in the house where I grew up here in Ethiopia. This is where I recorded and there is no question that my mother has always been my main support. A lot of what has made my composing and producing possible is not directly financial resources but being given the time and peace of mind to explore without having any particular goal in mind. Growing up I was very shielded from modern trends or global problems, everything revolved around music and the communion in our church where the outside world did not really exist to us. And I also want to mention the support and many opportunities I have been given to make this album possible. I was sent to editing and photography courses by my employer over the years and the American Embassy sponsored the printing of the album to give it away as a gift at the TEDx conference.” she reflects.

Wait. TedX that’s like a big deal. Isn’t it? 

Aha! As a Branding Coach (I am so used to going back the default of calling myself a Marketing Coach) I work with change makers, thought leaders, and luminaries. Some of my friends has graced the TedX stage, some have yet to hack it. I must admit I have not felt ready to try personally, but 2016 has changed a lot of things like that. That’s not the point. TedX is a huge deal. And a seal of approval. Becuase they’re incredibally picky.

So is she really that good? 

Ok, so I know it’s like only Feb, but I’m thinking Artist of the Year kinda stuff. And I’ve actually worked my share of the Music Industry. No not just reviews, but in the thick of it. And when you discover an X Factor, all round, blow-me-away, dance my shoes off, kinda gal wrapped up in an even more awesome album you take note.

Plus she’s got that fushion twang, new orleans vibe, rock-a-pella soul, and cutting the lines between classical and contempory grundge. After two tracks, I’m so sold that I want to know where the next concert is, and if groupies are along (though I am nothing like the groupie type).

“These tracks can almost be described as very carefully arranged improvisations. Its creation is a lot about working with a simple foundation that is progressively built up with more complexity. My aim is that this is done without the listener noticing it unless they are paying attention. I want to think it works both as background music as well as listening to closely in a concert hall setting” she adds.

Sensational, edgy performances of wit, passion, heart, and roar. Beyond Vanessa Carlton. With magestic style woven around the simple complexities of the multiple dimensions of what musicality really is. I should be thanking her for not only inviting me into her world, but for making a journey for all of us to remember what’s possible.

And her story is just tooooo moving not to mention.

Who on earth are you raving about?

I kinda would like to believe that if you are following these posts we have built up a relationship and a level of trust. Enough for you to trust me on the amazingness of this album.

But I’ll one up it and prove it too:

My only regret on this album. That the song has to end. Oh and there is no harp (that I know of) otherwise, she’s Wonder Woman. I want to grow up and be just like her.

Seriously I want more. ENCORE.

And I’m tempted to take this sorry further and invite her onto the Summit.

I told you she’s that good!


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