Changing Tides. Rising Tide.

Guess who popped on my radar ….? Jay Elle, a New York City-based male vocalist, songwriter. He is an experienced guitar player with a flair for capturing raw acoustics in his music. And he just happens to have t officially released his debut EP, “Rising Tide” through Star 1 Records this week.

“I set out from day one to provide an alternative to the run of the mill production of pop songs, a break from the busy arrangements crowding the airways – a rest for the ears of the listeners, and a true break from the norm,” said Jay Elle. “It’s not about slick production values or resonating with billions of listeners worldwide. It’s about unique, real life emotional situations that consume us all at one point or another.”

He calls himself an original singer-songwriter, pop, urban folk, and adult contemporary genres. Naturally, I had to give it a listen.  Since I love finding new music to fall in love with and shape my world by.

And the title track hooks you in from the first cord. No wonder it’s on lead. What immediately struck me about this album is how personable it is. Like a chance to feel another world, and walk in their shoes. Normally I experience music through my own experiences or fantasies, this felt surreal. I had no point of self-reference – even though it is 100% relatable – and have one of those out of body experiences. Credit. That’s a sign of good story telling I’d like to say. That I felt absorbed and held enough to have a dramatically different trip.

And with the tracks being so simple that they have this easing, transitionary element. The other thing that struck the life out of me is – it’s not traditional. He’s not singing anyone else’s song. Not a collective song. But something so heartfelt and distinctly meaningful in Jay’s world. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you hear “Twelve on Sunday”.

Another striking point is the out-of-time element. Just when you get Jay, he edges the way you meet him. Pushing his range and sound just a little into the dark, the old, the different, the earth, and the future. And yet, in its completion, it never comes across as jaded because he knows who he is as an artist.

This little 5 track album carries more than it’s numbers.

Rising Tide can be currently purchased from Amazon, iTunes or directly from Star 1 Entertainment’s website



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