Fall of Love :: CoyWolf

When the twilight fuses with Psych Rock, Junkyard Rock and the spirit of the wolf something mesmerising happens. Something gets under your skin. Haunting your dreams, in a very yes-please kinda way.

Hailing from Oakland, Coywolf is a combination of players from different musical backgrounds that culminate into a sound that meets its namesake. From from the sneaking quiet to the snarling loud. Coywolf is said to be invading your cities. You’ll never see them, but they’re in your neighborhood. They’ll sneak indie style onto your playlists. 

I’m seeing soundtrack material. But hey, that’s my voyeuristic storyteller peaked, ready, and loaded.  And yes, there’s something kinda charmed about the whole thing.


With dirty musty vocals, and warped vibrational guitar strings sliding over themselves with just enough distinction to make you do a double-take, and enough ease to slip into your hips without a second thought … this album snakes its way into a notable, and add-me-to-the-playlist playlist kinda deal.

Question is which track makes that notable distinction.


Tricky one.

In its understated musicality, you’ll de surprised by the depth the album and artworks take you. These guys aren’t doing anything superficial in any matter, shape, or form.


Plus heads up to all the female drummers out there – whole lot of respect!

Personally these are the kinds of sound that live up to the brand. Having never heard their stuff before, and noticing they might be a deeper darker wilder roar to these guys – i’m thumbs upping this one.

I’m still trying to figure out which track makes the final playlist.

Generally that’s a good sign: No runaway track, but no c grade compromises either.

Let’s just say you’re about to get a whole lot of intrigue coming your way.

Uncover more here: http://www.coywolfsound.com/

And watch those playlists for the sounds of CoyWolf :: Face of Love. It has a sneaky way of sneaking up on you.







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