Not what you expect …

Some tracks stand out for their own reasons. This feels like one of those.

Quirky, little double backs, that captivate you and make you wonder what on earth is going on.

That’s one sneaky-smart way to make sure that you get heard. From start. To Finish. With every breath in between. And then a second time – in case you missed something.

It’s not what you expect when a 44 yr old insurance agent … in his closet … with his iPad…. to the sounds of what a fellow listener best described as “pop-folk-electronic-avant-garde’.

See lyrical musical tales seems to pop in and out of existence – but when they do – someone notices. I did. And because it’s infectious – you’re about to get what I mean. It’s by far the least tapped into style (and I’m not even going to call rap the same thing) and yet it works. In it’s own peculiar way.

Either way the mystery is still out….

Prepare to be head spinned. And yes you have been warned.

Available now on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora.



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