Jump Up. Get Airplay. Gig More.

Brett Bigelow and the OTL band have recorded at some of the most prestigious recording studios around the world. They have performed at some the top venues in the United States entertaining audiences with their music which is best described as Americana with Muscle Shoals roots.

Living in the pocket of the sound that got them noticed, Brett and the band deliver simple sounds with just the right groove to stay playable in a world that’s opening to Americana in a really big-hearted way making his tracks …

“insta-playable in a chilled kinda blues rock way that’s committed to getting airplay”

Respect for serving up a whole lot of soulful influences, great American(ana) culture, and duets in a way that’s not trying to be anything but it’s own. It’s easy to play by other people’s stylisms, and these guys are in their own range of choices and cords.

100% authentic. 125% Brett Bigelow by design and 100% diverse in the palette that they bring to either the playlist or the party – the band is jumping up as a game-ready player. That’s what happens when you have music within you and you follow your call.

So what do you need to know? 

Album Name: album Up!
Website: BrettBigelowMusic.com

Findable on  all good music media like Spotify etc
Brett Bigelow Music  is on Facebook

Cool Facts include:

The wisdom that they Mastered this album at Abbey Road Studios, London England (Beatles, Pink Floyd) were Mixed and Produced by Jeremy Stephens Clearwave Studios (Alabama Shakes) Fame Studios (Aretha Franklin, Jason Isbell, Otis Redding) , Ocean Way Studio (Beyonce, Sheryl Crow, Blake Shelton), and Song City Studio….

And that the lead track Girls Without Kisses- has Lillie Mae Rische-fiddle/background vocals ( who records and tours with JACK WHITE) and Mike Waldron ( from GARTH BROOKS/MARTINA MCBRIDE, etc)-guitar





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