Creating space of wishes

You had me at hello!

A SuperNovaish medley of intricate design, musically fused together with the kind of design what articulates the architecture of ever single wish: alive, living, dead, and yet to be imagined. Music like this requires it’s own slipstream of conscious appreciation of art and the Universe. And yet, this album is so subtle to not overwhelm the senses or prove something brash. Somethings tells me the artist has just pulled off a little alchemy – and your wishes are heard.

Ideal for road tripping, lounge vibes, soul searching, movie soundtracks, and the you in me and the me in you this album is a paradox of sensible smartness and just the right amount of seduction to make it any-time-momentous.

Zenistic: Less is more. 6 tracks of premium stuff. All chapters in each others stories and singular in thier core. No room for weaknesses. No room left unbreathed. Uncarved. Neglected.

Where is the buy me now button:

Behind the story: From the artists lips.

My name is David Kleinekottman, 27 years old. I’m a german (from Dortmund) film-student, singer songwriter, and producer of the alternative rock/experimental project named Present Paradox. I started the project back in 2011. Since 2013 I’ve released four short-LP’s (each with six songs). The recent release is called Space for Wishes (released on last Monday: 23/1/2017). An album about wishes and feelings of desire. With that album I step away from the electronic sounds that were dominant on my previous albums. Instead of Drum machines I made use of real drums, instead of digital synthesizers there are guitar arpeggios played through a Vox Amp. I write and produce the music myself. Since last year I got some support from friends to bring the music to the stages of small venues. My biggest influence is Radiohead, a band of which I’m a massive fan (as well as Thom Yorkes Soloprojects)

Modest much.

You deserve a whole lot more credit than this.

Do yourself a favour and trust me on this one.


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