There’s always a first time to dream

Dreaming a little different lately?

Maybe you need to say goodbye to the nighttime skies and carve your own. Like this band of teens did.

Recently I came across the still-big-secret from the band called Life in a Tree.

In case you didn’t know they’re the “Wisconsin-based band comprised of all freshman in College. Nominated as Wisconsin ‘Best Indie Rock Band’, ‘Best Female Singer’ and ‘Rising Stars’ and they are getting ready to break dawn to this heart-project. Rising Star light seems appropriate. And you can tell that they’re having a helluva lot of fun in the process.

With wisdom in their lyrics and inspiration in their subtext, heart in their beats, fun in their spirits, and potential strumming at their fingertips as they grow into their strengths, this album showcases the start of a new era.

And the awards and accolades show them that they are on the right path, and the real work only actually starts here. In the league where stars dip into view on the horizon. Written in a way to show that they know who they are, and what they are up for, this album is a showcase of what could be …

All you really need to do is listen in.

Best savoured on stereo play, with decent headphones, this album carries a lot of subtext that could be missed in the funk, skippy, hops of live time renditions.

Notable tracks that made an impression:

  • Sleeping in the streets
  • It’s not distance
  • Nighttime Skies Interlude

Curious, can they hold the metaphor and where the sky will take them. My inner SuperNova is about to press replay on this star-studded-playlist.

PS. Love the musical twang.

Things you need to know:


Band Name: Life In A Tree
Album Pre-Sale date: Friday, Feb 17th 2017
Album Release Date: Friday, March 17th 2017
Album Name: “Say Goodbye To The Nighttime Skies”

Over and Out!


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