Need a new addiction?

Oh boy.

I did not see that coming.

And I like that.

Discovering D.Ni.L’s 3rd album “Boy.Inside.” wasn’t as predictable as I thought it was going to be. And in an industry of 1’s and Zero’s, where transactions drive things, a little bit of chaos and a whole lot of disruption is what it takes to make a dent in the game.

Raw. Unchallenged. Guttural. Intellectualized.  Encapsulated into an 11 track festival that has all its guns blazing, isn’t scared to look hell in the eyes, and isn’t defined as playing into stereotypical eyes. This is the greatest surprise your playlist is begging for. And boy does it want to play. Hard. Dirty. Messy. Loud. And with power. An album designed to move more than just the synaptic externalities of your personality. Or challenge you to bring more of your fire into the world. This all-in trackathon brings all the colours in the box into sludge with destructive experimentation, sneaky musicality choices, and a whole lot of force – that leaves an undeniable flair of approachability – that cuts cords – genres – perspectives – while still somehow doing pretty. This is the white rabbit you are looking for.

Other reviews have said things like:

“D.Ni.L can lay claim to have made one of the best British rock fusion albums in recent years. The combination of raw, edgy emotional lyrical expression with precise control and understanding of his chosen forms of music make for a potent meld. And when you add his talent as an Emcee into the mix you realize this is a versatile and highly gifted artist bringing rock/metal and hip-hop into the 21st century”  – Faulkner Review

And even Billboard is talking about it.

So tell me this, why aren’t you?


I guess that’s why you have me. Huh?

Let’s get a little more practical:

Track 8 and what this is all about can be defined as:

Well actually somehow distilling essence feels somewhat sinister right about now. The very act of boxing something means no other expression is valid. And this album is anything but invalid. After all, in another lyric he says:

You’ve got another thing coming if you think I’m taking this lying down, you might be a step ahead, but I’m not in the ring…”.

(Something that I can personally relate to really deeply in my own life at the moment.)

So where does this leave us?

In multi-layered cords, that grow like thunder, somewhat enticingly, until

… that timeless voice, that outweighs its body, slithers into play with enough kick, enough push, and enough contrast to paint the war lines by until what’s contained can no longer be held and the track erupts once again to take you to the kind of place you weren’t expecting. (long sentence but just roll with me)

The ultimate battle. Personified and seamlessly crafted with careful attention and carefree discord. As is life. A juxtaposing masterpiece of resonance that’s bound to touch your soul. And with the amount of love, it gets from giants and the little ones, it’s a matter that’s bound to explode.

Sometimes. That time just comes.

Resistance is futile.

Your Playlist needs this.

The question now becomes … do you love you playlist to the effect of 1 pound or 10.

Because the choice to come alive is always yours.

And good music is going to happen.

This is better.

Click here to get yours. 




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