This is your public announcement


A double-back 14 track album filled with clever little titles and a whole lot of unchained swag. And that’s without even pressing play. Consider this your public announcement as Brian G releases everything that is in an album entitled “Drunk in Public”.

“Not Always Responsible” hits home base with this trip beat lyricality, playful vocals, that blend high street with a little bit of back-alley culture. And with just a couple riffs, I knew I’m in the I-Like Bandcamp.

“That Girls Gonna Drive Me Crazy” takes things intercontinental and fuses a bit of bombay and some oriental subtle undertones in chic fashion moves, and grundy deep beats. And by subtle, I mean takes no prisoners. This coy little pin-up inter-play between just the right amount the beats and this sexy vocal duo is just what Billboard Music is looking for. So let’s make sure it gets there.

Something tells me Nelly Furtado, Madonna, Will Smith and other legends would be impressed. And the dance floor is about to take on a whole new dimension. Especially after Le-Freak sensation from The Freaky Girl and Shawty takes the deck. Louder. Because I just can’t get over how this album doesn’t take itself seriously, carries Jokers smile, and still cuts in hard and deep, while sneaking into the VIP lounge. This album owns the room! And any club or dancefloor that’s willing to dabble will find they’ve unlocked a Pandora’s box of more-please and anthems. And while this needs no red-hot-producer to remix the shizzel out of this – I can’t even imagine, where they could take something like this. (soooooo tempting)

Here’s what I have to say to that.

And yes, this DJ is better than yours.




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