Lemme tell ya the way it was…

Screenshot 2018-09-25 10.07.42

Beat Boxing. Flow tripping. Never falling over one’s words – but forever suspending them in the lyrical. Acapella. With relentlessness. Poet-ry. And then there’s music placed under the crude realizations of what it means to be alive. Easing the reality. The bs. Death. Politicized. With a helluva lot to say. Dipping into every prose imaginable, as told by streets that saw life and lived it more and less than any of us ever could.


Somehow it feels like he doesn’t say much and yet he says everything in this 13 fast-track of an album which was designed and intentionalized to make a “take-over”. On the banks of yesterdays, hollering the story of never enough, cutting to the cord. No, pretty here.

And yet he – aka Chief Lytro – fills every beat with presence and perspective, and all that gangsta attitude you’d come to expect when picking up an album like this. Playing the card, and even the part, of the awakening. With a whole lot of trickster. And tracks like “put my city on”, “preach”, and “not for everyone” with an underdog culture, packaged in radio-friendly commercialism, if we can get out of the way of our own sensitivity (and PG lyrics – you have been warned – after the fact).



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