Time is on his side

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How do you know if you’re touching artistry? Would it have something to with the way the fingers fall upon themselves as they strum the new familiar cords? Maybe it’s in the aesthetics of this eclectic design (guitar included)? Or what it actually means to hold your (he)art as a true singer-songwriter in a world gone synthetic? Maybe it’s touching a dream and letting it be – as this first album comes to wake.

Matthew Falls falls right there. In that eager anticipation and heartache, and blistering compulsion to make his first ever album know. And in that tension, anticipation, creation, it has been said that:

“… an autumnal collection of songs loosely connected by the passing of time, melancholy and uplifting in equal measure. “

And so poetry gets a new sound… wrapped in a precise, meticulous record that touches light with profuse grace (can you say that for a guy?!) on the 28th September 2018.

As they line the pavements waiting for a sign
Just a fleeting glimpse of their lives going by
But it’s alright you and I
We’ve always wondered why
And now we know it’s all about time

And however long the seconds felt from when this album was conceived, or further back – since the music had nothing better to do than to leak through like flood waters – that time is almost, and so very close to hear.


It’s almost ferocious, how acute, complex, and finely wound true artistry is. Where science and creativity explode, implode, and combust, to splatter trails of 10 tracks in such raw emotionality that is already complete with just the artists’ breath. And if you weren’t sure how human you’re being today – he’ll add his voice and lyrics that swirl existence into something.

So as this album waits to hit the ground in a fraction of moments, with almost an effortless demeanour (which in the world of bonsai – we know is actually the hardest feat of all) things shift into play.

Unstripped and exposed, unplugged and unchartered, with a meticulous musicality, it all comes undone – 28th.

Oh, and he’s even got a deluxe album for those of you who taste art and eat music.

So time is on his side. And the wait has been golden. And from the little, I’ve heard it really is About Time.

Pre-order of About Time. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

Click here: 





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