A mix match bag of shhhhhhh

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This isn’t music. This is art. Art is hard. It’s subjective. It holds no rules. And the lines of aesthetics blur quicker than rights and wrongs or goods and bads.

Then again it feels like a stunt Bjork would pull. Maybe a little to dubby-techno-electro for her – but peculiar none the less. With its jarring beats, a sublime altered reality soundscape, where something alien meets angelica this musical trip is bound to be unique. Unstructured and liberated from all conformities, the music simply goes where it is the most alive at the moment. I’ll admit, she’s got that take you by the hand and push you down the rabbit hole kinda feel. More mad hatter, with the looks and voice of an Alice.  And between Wonderland, the depths of the deepest secret oceans, and the edge of reality as she knows is – this soul casts a vision of someplace – not of Earth altogether- with unnerving effortless ease. With sheer simpleness and complex layers, this album is an all-in sensory journey, that lives little and lots to the imagination.

“I never thought of what I would like them to remember, I only notice at times, I have to explain again what I meant by explaining a few songs,and lyrics. Yet, I believe or felt art is an interpretation of ourselves, as we are all unique, as we should be. Mostly, I would like the listeners to enjoy my music.”

she shares in quiet and humble reflection. 

I believe the greatest mystery is human nature and love. We are all unique individuals, and we all have many facets of emotions. I think people should spend more time loving each other, creating and loving life.

Her approach to musicality definitely is:

” described to be transcendental, which I believe does come from Meditation of Music, at least for me. Along with the ability to express myself musically as I feel.​ It is always interesting to explore Music by the ability of Doing.”

And although this isn’t the traditional fairy tale spiritual scape (there’s nothing hippy about this) this album offers up a transportive joyride into the sublime consciousness and unconsciousness. The space of ‘otherness’ that hypnotically resonates on such a basal level. Almost transparent, definitely transportive, with a flair for transcendentalism. It’s not always pretty. If you think the human condition is – you’re listening to far too much flower music and not the complicated stuff. The complex stuff. The real world – everything exists in singularity stuff.

Her music has been described as haunting, beautiful, organic and without boundaries.. as described in press article in Jamspere “Experimental, Evocative,Primal and Gorgeous” was the description to her track  “Like a Child with Butterfly Wings” from her first album” Was it all A Dream”, which is available on Itunes and Apple.

With musicality that feels like Bjork, reminds me of an altra-modern sci-fi version of Rasplyn, and feels like the kinda album Milla Jovovich might produce (which may I add is a far transition from her original work on The Divine Comedy), Isobella walks the line of artistry, theatrics, aesthetics, and simple lyrics meshed together in a tripsy vortex of musical choices that makes you feel like you are listening to something other than music. After all, this kind of music requires a degree of openness and willingness to step out of what you know music to be and into what it is in this moment, and in your body.

The bigger question is can you stay open…

I’d be interested to read a review of someone who experienced this on psychedelics… because I sense some kind of shamanic space in the mix without the jungle sound effects.

And I won’t lie. It’s a testing album. It’s somewhat not always so easy to listen too.

SO I suggest starting with track 5 “Sometimes” which could easily belong on “The March of the Penguins” soundtrack. Which was a brilliant work of art in all of its compositions. And I’ll admit it’s my favourite of this album. It’s actually got the most potential really. I wish there was something I could share to make that process easier for you. You’ll have to stick this out till the end of the post.

Though *spoiler alert* the quick transition into track 6 is extremely startling. So when things get freaky, it’s the next track. And that sounds like something that could easily be on “The Ring”.

In fact, if you do anything. Just listen to track 5.

It’s really got something sublime to it.

So to wrap up … In a world that says unique and original are hard to come by, we found her. And if you’re into the sublime, alternative, trip-space, and peculiar – you’ve in for a little secret.

Though I must admit I appreciate her answer. She believes the secret to life isn’t found in x or y. The secret is life. 

I’d be curious where future albums and more experience takes her. I’m fascinated by her packaging and marketability. I’m wondering how her voice will unfold. She’s walking the line where some of the greatest masterpieces took flight. And where catastrophe is born. All I know for certain is there’s something about peculiar that has everything it needs to become extraordinary.

Yet, she’s no understatement. She honours the ReverbNation top 20 list and is in it to make a dent. Discover her sound here:



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