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Alex Dutty hardly needs an introduction. For the uninitiated, the London-based rapper (formerly known as Lexus Dutty) has garnered support slots with the likes of Kano, Ghetts, Wiley, and Bashy. When he wasn’t opening shows for grime royalty, Alex was trawling up and down the country selling his mixtapes, ‘Dutty Mouth’ volumes 1, 2, 3. The buzz of the support slots and his DIY work ethic saw the rapper sell 60,000 copies of his mixtapes collectively, earning him a nomination at the coveted Official Mixtape Awards two years running.

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Aside from his gritty determination to succeed, what sets Alex apart from other rappers is his ability to entertain the listener whilst remaining completely honest. Choosing to shy away from the stereotypical ‘guns, drugs, money and hoes’ content, the rapper delivers brutally candid and relatable accounts of his deprived childhood. The artist touts himself as a mouthpiece for people that grew up in broken homes who battle financial issues, self-doubt, and hardships on a daily basis- issues which are rife on his forthcoming debut album ‘Knock Down Ginger’.

So you ready for this?!

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What do you get when you hear “Knock Down Ginger”? Bad Nightmares that leaves you begging for lonely school corridors and chills that go creek down your neck. Nails on a chalkboard and the bite of that bully you will never forget? Labels. Lots of labels. And feelings of really not belonging in the genetic code – despite skills, talents, and looks. Sure, those early yester-years may have been tough – and it sounds kinda morbid when just another soul say “all this makes you” when all you want to complete that sentence with is alone/scared/ angry.

I appreciate how someone described the song as:

 blaz(ing) his own trail as the mouthpiece for the deprived and disenchanted.

Can you just take a moment’s silence to let the dust settle right here and now? In the carnage of how we disconnect and call it connection – did you dare let any word touch you. Or do you need another punch. A guttural cry of reality, your certificate in being human. Didn’t feel a thing? Find your heart beat fast. Stop being the Artifical Intelligence we fear and terminate as just another piece of trash on this overloaded planet we can’t even call home. Felt you soul, your anxiety, self-pity, maybe even the fact that you’re not enough and nothing seems to ever be enough – you made it. You dislodged yourself and actually played that track through the synoptic being of your life. Yes, that think you are doing, maybe living, but hardly ever alive in. Now that you’re back online and in the room, and that he has your attention can we get to the business at hand.

As a producer and engineer, Alex has been busy completing his debut album ‘Knock Down Ginger’ for the last 5 years. The album takes its name from the popular kids’ game he grew up playing as he moved house from hostel to hostel during a childhood that would be completely foreign to most people. The name also pays homage to his physical characteristics, namely his ginger hair. Set for release 7th September 2018, ‘Knock Down Ginger’ is a collection of honest, strong, and sometimes controversial songs, including lead single ‘Emoji’ which tackles love, break-ups, and social media.

This salsa-licious little groove box is highly infectious with its subtle beats, hip-swaying groove, that just deserve to be played louder. Even louder than that. Can someone just get a sound rig on aisle 3, please! I must admit I’m surprised. Not shocked. Something told me this was going to be ok. Then I heard that intro and I raised the bar – but damn – it’s no wonder this is the title-launch-this-album track. I mean really. Its playability and playbackbility makes me want to pout my lips and say mmmmmmm with attitude. It’s got this fantastical meet you anywhere afro-fusion everything yesness that makes this work on the dusty soil of the burn to the bubbly undergrounds of Ibiza. Not to mention your favourite radio show. I wonder if Ryan Seacrest has heard this. People, we really need to get our connections talking here.

It’s the kinda track that makes you play, brings out your rebel, your sensuality, your bliss, your truth, and your spikes. Relatable, gigglesome, relevant and 100% accessible to the mass market while still holding its own edge. 2 tracks that open up an album and makes you want to know more.

Here’s something I appreciate about this album. It’s real. It’s authentic. It’s rich in musicality and raw humanity that transits cultures and touches everyone. It touches Eminem’s signature core track “Lose Yourself” with even more accessibility, distinction, and repertoire. This isn’t some bling-bling, rattle tattle, drop it like its twerking kinda album. It’s not shallow like that. It’s whole. And worth the mic-drop respect as it touches so many genres while never losing its soul. With nothing to prove, and everything to feel – this is the ghost album that you need to integrate into your being. Because, it is you.

So in case you missed out: Here are the links you want to know.

Because he made it extra easy for us.

Album ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttyAlbum
Website ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttyWebsite
Facebook ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttyFacebook
Spotify ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttySpotify
Apple Music ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttyApple
Twitter ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttyTwitter
Instagram ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttyInstagram
SoundCloud ☛ http://bit.ly/DuttySndCloud

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