Growing up is an art

Growing up is an art. It isn’t about just getting taller, filler, consuming more. It isn’t about older, tougher, harder either. It isn’t a pompous act or anything to get self-entitled about. Nor does it really have to do anything with responsibilities, chores, and doing adult things like paying tax and other utility bills. Or even figuring out dinner. Growing up isn’t any of that. Na-huh. It’s about ….

Trio_of_Awesome_phixr.jpg something deeper. Maybe not as galactical as cowboys and aliens, and more like the hero’s journey that we are ultimately all live but more often don’t give life too.

All that in the opening cords and lyrics of the “Trio of Awesuhms” title track “Nevertheless” which tells the tale of the curious soul destined to walk the line.

What I instantly fell in love with about this song is its elegant simplicity. Told much like a child’s story, it plays out a Universal tale that’s anything but childish. In fact, if you’re thinking childish – you’re already growing in the wrong direction. So you might want to adjust your sails accordingly. What I meant to say, is this feels like it could walk into any Disney Movie Picture Soundtrack and set up home there. It’s profound, playful, cute, and powerful like that.

This is the tale – the epic saga – the motivational track that reminds you that it is more than ok to have a dream, and regardless of what people say, to persist in being who you are. Brene Brown would give it a thumbs up. So could Oprah. In fact, I might even be tempted to play it onto my personal development work playlist. It has a deepened philosophy, manifesto, and creed to it that’s just so transitional that it’s unmissable and unavoidable *Remind me to contact the artist!* And did I say how cute it is? I just want to pinch its cheeks. All the time.

They really do deserve their band name – and are full on in integrity with that.

The Trio Of Awesuhm is a New York-based folk-rock band whose eclectic sound can best be described as “philoso-folk on the rocks”.   It is the stage name and band moniker of singer-songwriter Monica Uhm representing the most recent recording collaboration with a small army of diverse and uber-talented musicians she’s met through the years.  The debut album is called “Cowboys&Aliens” which has a common hint of Americana across all the tracks but draw heavily from the eclectic musical experience and interests of its members.

This is music the way the world can be. 

Playful. Authentic. Poetry. Illuminary. With Heart and music to twirl to. 

Ambitious – in all the best ways – singing to the best parts in us. 

Filled with emotional cords and philosophical beats, wise lyrics, and profound vocals.  A gentle and beautiful loving reminder that we are allowed to matter and we’re all supposed to be awesome. 

It’s just Awesuhm! 


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