Once upon a time

Tale as old as true… no that’s not how the lyrics go … so let me leave the sing-songing to the guys who actually know what they are doing and try this tale again. For it’s the oldest ode ever told over the cords of his guitar.

With influences like James Taylor, CSN&Y, Neil Young, Pat Metheny, John Mayer, Pino Daniele, Jason Mraz – Gianni Pessino realized that music was his way when he was 10 years old and his uncle gave him the first guitar. He is self-taught on guitar playing and only recently he started taking singing and composition lessons at Jazz Academy Milan to improve his vocal technique and songwriting skills.

Pessino’s music is influenced by what he has been listening over 40 years along two main front: musical inspiration from both italian and american songwriters. He grew up listening to James Taylor, CSN&Y, Neil Young, the Eagles, Pat Metheny and in the last decade, John Mayer and Jason Mraz. Italian influence relates to artists such as Pino Daniele, Fabio Concato and Francesco De Gregori.

While his musical taste is very wide and ranges across many artists, bands, genres. In addition to the ones above, we could mention Jackson Browne, James Blunt, George Benson, Police, Simply Red, Chet Baker, Steely Dan, America, Yellowcard and so many others.

His music is, therefore, a combination with Folk-Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop and Funky roots.
Chasing is his first album released in June 2017. The songs included in the album have been composed starting 2009 onwards. Chasing isn’t a concept album, but it was born with the idea of collecting some unpublished pieces that could tell his musical path and share it with a larger audience. For Gianni Chasing means to be always waiting for something new to happen, and at the same time is looking to the future and going after something that will fulfil the waiting. It’s an endless journey driven by love as pure emotion in all its facets.
So down by the riverstream, we go, once more …

In an album that’s simple to the core and versatile at its edges, that’s designed to move you onto your feet over that box of tissues – the word that comes up for me is fun. It sounds like “dancing in the moonlight” and all the pretty things we left behind – but didn’t. With a signature for easy, twirly, flowers in your hair kinda vibes and a pretty kinda nostalgia and appreciation for the finer distinctions in the air – this is your kinda album. Ideal for summer road trips, beach parties, garden picnics, serenades, first date or third date soundtracks. Actually, it’s good for a whole lot of things. It kinda just melts into each other and your space with effortless ease and dandelion lightness. Whether you’re looking for something ambient, something simple, or something profound you’ll listen in and meet the musicality as you would your partner in a dance. With one foot after another, and a twirl of the hair, and music to dream by … this album fits perfectly into its own little spot.

There he just said it. It’s a homecoming. Are you ready? 20799287_164950697405929_902275429005866555_n.png

because just like that he funks it up – takes it to church and rips it up to make sure you don’t fall asleep in the realm of complacency.  And all that with a soft easy Jacky Johnson kinda voice. You know who I mean.

They are both approachable like that. Oh, speaking of approachable:

Gianni Pessino Chasing Album


Gianni Pessino’s official website

Gianni Pessino’s Facebook Page

Gianni Pessino’s Official Website



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