What grey sounds like



As the weather dips to a nonchalant existence, kicking up grey veneers over a once blue sky, the landscape drops to sadness.

It’s been said that:

Sadness Is everywhere.
Obsession Is everywhere
Anger Is Everywhere.
Blame Is Everywhere.
Mockery Is Everywhere.
Sad On A Blue Moon Is Everywhere along with a piece of my mind in it.

This Album tells an upbeat-quirky-unexpected-fusion that you never saw coming, surprises you, and drops into something so utterly unique to your senses. Filled with the tease, attitude, culture, in the ultimate battle of East vs West. Colouring in the colours between grey, depression, and sadness with richer than rich platinum greys that brings a flair of playfulness to the days we call meh.

The multi-dexterity of flavours, influences, and cultural norms of what’s allowed, and what isn’t encapsulated in adversity that’s designed to juxtapose this crazy human condition.

Redefining emo-rap and hashtags like #trap – something that should feel jarring and off centre walks the fine line and makes it work. Period. And with each transition further down the rabbit hole, I find myself popping out, and popping back in hard.

I must admit this music does a surreal job at giving language to sensations of the things we choose to pretend and ignore and rib under the elephant in the room. With drunk cords, blurred suspensions, floaty transitions, bittersweet flavours, lyrics designed to cut, and renditions of culture, and worldly renderings listening to this music makes me feel into pins and needles.

Tracks that grabbed me and pulled me in include “Morning Ritual”  “Rockstar” and “Waverly” while I’ll admit I found it a little harder to connect to “Medicine”. But that’s just me.

If you ever wanted to get out of your own way or are fighting “what other people think” this album does have some medicine for you.

Just remember to plant your two feet on the group first.

And Oh, I want to make one let shout out on the compilation and composition of beat work there. Rich. Notable. Tight. (we still say that right?)

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